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Boat Auctions Direct

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User reviews of Boat Auctions Direct

Name: Mavrick
Score: 92%
Review: Once I figured the members area out it worked more to my advantage to find a few cheap boats and and atv's that I hope to get. Owners were a big help and have found it a useful help to finding boats under $10k.

Name: Jack Abrams
Score: 100%
Review: Well researched source that helped me find a couple Triton alum. bass boats for about 3k less than dealer option. Good tools.

Name: tony b
Score: 1%
Review: unabletologin I am a member name reatta

Name: Rick L.
Score: 100%
Review: Where's was this !%&?! site two years ago! I'm looking at these Titan listings wishing I knew then what I know now.. This is the best resource next to Manheim dealer auctions. Well worth the $40.

Name: John J.
Score: 97%
Review: Wouldn't have thought this resource to be as useful as it turned out to be. I didn't find the particular jetski model I was hoping to find but found an '08 SeaDoo Challenger w/ trailer for under 6k! Found it via. the sites online auction search and look to have it on the water in less than a week. A big thumbs up.

Name: Ron Philman
Score: 95%
Review: I must admit to being rather skeptical at first since I found a few other government 'auction sites' to be far from what was claimed. However, Boat Auctions Direct actually maintains a suprisingly efficient list of repo and Gov't agency auctions that I used to find a cruiser I couldn't pass up...even my wife gave me the nod.
I was originally looking for a Boston Whaler Ventura but couldn't pass up on a '03 240 Sundancer that was at least $12,000 under book. Wouldn't have even known of the outfit either had I not used this site. I didn't find as many RV's but repo boats were plentious.