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Death to Diabetes

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User reviews of Death to Diabetes

Name: Jennifer Johnson
Score: 100%
Review: Hello,
"Death to Diabetes" is a great book, because it actually works!

I've read a lot of diabetes books -- this was the first one that actually worked!

Death to Diabetes is a must-read for all diabetics and non-diabetics, and doctors.

After reading 10 books on diabetes, I thought that most of the diabetes books out there were a waste of money. Until I bought my 11th book: "Death to Diabetes" about 2 years ago.

At that time my husband was facing insulin shots because the metformin wasn't working anymore after his doctor increased his dosage and added another diabetic drug.

My husband didn't want to go on the shots, so he was willing to try anything if it would delay going on the shots. Within 3 weeks, my husband's fasting BS returned to an average of 101 (from the low 200s). Within another 3-4 weeks his post-meal BS reduced to 110 (from a previous average of 170). So his doctor delayed putting him on insulin.

By the 3rd month he lost 37 pounds and also lowered his blood pressure -- his doctor was shocked but encouraged me to continue with my meal planning (which was based on the Death to Diabetes diet program). His doctor reduced my husband's blood pressure and diabetic meds.

After about a year, after a complete physical, my husband's doctor told him he could temporarily stop taking the diabetic meds and the blood pressure drugs. When he returned for his 6-month check-up, his doctor said his blood work was excellent: 89 BS, 4.9 A1C, 115/85 BP!!

The bonus for me was that during this time because I was eating what my husband ate, I lost 22 pounds! and I've never felt so full of energy! So I recommend the Death to Diabetes book to non-diabetics as well as diabetics.

p.s. The Death to Diabetes book was written by an engineer who almost died from being in a diabetes coma. His program is based on science and clinical studies, plus his program is measurable and easy to verify. His program is based on eating lots of veggies, plant oils, beans, nuts, juicing, etc. while avoiding flour, HFCS, PHO, processed foods, potatoes, pasta, etc.

p.s. The author refers to hundreds of clinical studies, so his program is not based on anecdotal info.

Note: His website is the same name as his book: www.deathtodiabetes.com


p.s. You can find the author on YouTube talking about his recovery from diabetes and insulin shots -- he's tells funny stories about the doctors and the drugs, but his talks are informative.