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Dutch And Win Racing

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User reviews of Dutch And Win Racing

Name: Brad Hay
Score: 60%
Review: Hello,

Its Brad Hay here.

First of all, I hope you're doing great. My name is Brad and together with my fellow business partners, I am a Clickbank and Plimus publisher with several ebooks/software in the “Marketing & Ads” and “Money & Employment/Business to Business” categories.

I see you're already promoting Dutch and Win Racing product. Well, the reason I'm contacting you is that we have a product just like this (called "Betting Profit Secrets") which I'm sure you will find very suitable for your Affiliate promotions. I'm sure that you'll earn great commissions promoting it, and your subscribers/customers will love it. Here is the Affiliate/JV page: http://www.BettingProfitSecrets.com/jvpage.html

And also, if you happen to have any products of your own which you would like me to promote, I'll be more than happy to do so in return. But if you don't have any products of your own, that's absolutely fine too...you could just promote my product and earn some nice commissions from it for yourself.

Together with my business partners, I have built up a strong presence in the Clickbank marketplace with a very popular brand of ebooks in the past number of years. Our most popular ebook is called ‘Google Wealth Wizard', and our other releases have consisted of ‘Forex products and also a number of other publications in various niches including gambling.

I am very open to collaboration with you, so I will be eagerly looking forward to receiving your reply. So thanks again for your time and I hope to hear from you very soon.

Here's how you will benefit:

1) I will promote any product your choice of products (if you currently have one yourself) to my growing list and still growing by the hundreds each week. My e-mail promotions do very well for all of my current JV partners and are only going to get bigger and increase your traffic and sales every month!

2) You'll make 50% commissions on sales and a further 50% on all other products we're going to include soon on the back-end of this product.

I am currently looking for a few JV partners to fill up my JV roster. I would like to send out a promotion for your product of choice.

The product you choose for me to promote each month can change as often as you would like, so if you have several products I will promote whichever product you ask me to for that month.

Re cap

1st I am offering 50% commission still = More Money for You.

2nd My refund rate is less than 5% = More Money for You.

3rd An e-mail blast to my own list of subscribers, giving you 100% Commission = More Money for You.

So I look forward to working with you.

If you would like to start promoting our product immediately, please feel free to go ahead and begin your promotions anytime (our Affiliate Network is CLICKBANK, and here's the Affiliate Page again for the details you need to get started promoting it: http://www.BettingProfitSecrets.com/jvpage.html. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to ask, I'll be happy to hear from you).

Kindest regards,
Brad Hay.

Name: matt
Score: 75%
Review: Dont answer e mails but do seem to get a fair few winners. Dont know exactly what profit/loss they make and they dont reply when asked

Name: Lesterpiglet
Score: 1%
Review: Extremeley dissapointed - they take your money but never answer email queries. They are basically a scam site

Name: Sean Gordon
Score: 100%
Review: Best I have used over 80 winning bets since I started and 12 of the last 17 have won, awesome

Name: Simon Kingston
Score: 89%
Review: Good regular profit, I like simplicity of receiving selections on a daily basis, not going to make me a fortune overnight, but long term looks very good.