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Eve Billionaire

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User reviews of Eve Billionaire

Name: Dan Dare
Score: 20%
Review: This guide is not worth the money as I found nothing new that I had not already seen for free on the net. Only really any use to a very new player starting out.

Name: Paul Burns
Score: 100%
Review: Amazing set of 5 guides for Eve Online Well Happy

Name: ollathir
Score: 10%
Review: Not worth buying - it tells you nothing that you can't get for free from the on-line guides - an absolute wasts of money. I'm trying to get the promised refund...

Name: Danny Wilson
Score: 92%
Review: well worth 20 bucks in my opinion the guide is actually saving me a lot of time.

Name: Kill_Whitey
Score: 25%
Review: Very basic information with nothing new or valuable in it. His hash code is weak as well. Enjoy a free copy before he changes it's file name again... LOL http://www.evebillionaire.com/Eve-Online-Billionaire_dc888x.pdf

Name: hackerdise.com
Score: 87%
Review: its great book heres link staright to download for free from site lol http://www.evebillionaire.com/Eve-Online-Billionaire.pdf cause guy is stupid