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User reviews of JobsInClerical

Name: Lisa Daymor
Score: 95%
Review: I first looked at JobsInClerical awhile back when they were first making a web presence. At that time I was working and did not need any use for job search. Well after I was terminated, lost my unemployment, lost my car, I did not know where to start. I remembered JobsInClerical (who buy the way is getting much bigger and noticed), where I could seek info about getting a job and being able to stay at home.

Because the recession is so bad right now, I have not heard from any employers. Everyday I logged into JobsInClerical and searched to Work At Home and Telecommuting Jobs.. Just before I decided to use JobsInClerical's New Telecommute Placement, I recieved an email from a company that basis their job vacancies on Telecommute. I now work from home as a call center agent and I LOVE IT! Although there are alot of WorkAtHome sites, I found that JobsInClerical has the tools and resources to help you. Oh by the way, with my membership, I can ask advice from anyone of JobsInClerical members. I met an awesome person who has been helping with me my next career level.

Thanks JobsInClerical!