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User reviews of Program Hoppers

Name: Marja Opsteegh
Score: 80%
Review: Hello,

I am a member of Programhoppers for nearly a year now, and i use this website very often. It's an easy way to advertise all your websites only with 1 url. You also receive full page views, and not just an ad. All your websites (unlimited) are placed on the right side of the page. Every time your pages roulates through the system. You can place your websites in different categories, so everyone can search for a topic they want to know more of. You save money on advertising and time while doing this. because you only have to advertise your affiliate url. And you earn for every member who joins as a paid member by your own efforts.
I give this website 80 %, because i would give 100 %, if the downlinebuilder programs were free for every member who joins as a premier member.

Marja Opsteegh