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Real Attraction Secrets

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User reviews of Real Attraction Secrets

Name: Samuel
Score: 97%
Review: I recently read a book 'Real Attraction Secrets' and I must admit, I am very sceptical about new material in the community, until I have seen it work.

The book is based on IceDragon Method.

Unlike some methods (Mystery Method) IceDragon Method isn't based around a certain personality type. It is a method that ANY guy can use to get results. It teaches you how to become a guy who is NATURALLY attractive while retaining your own personality and values.

I KNOW that this works, because me being the natural sceptic that I am, tested it out.

I read the book this morning (9th November) and went to work. There were two new starters, both 8s. I decided to test the method out. I got both numbers, # closed one of the girls and received an invitation back to her house.

I was surprised at how easy it was for me to fit this to my own personality, which is a problem I've had with other methods.

I seriously think that you should all check it out. It has been the best no-nonsense book I have personally read since joining the community and wish it had been available to me a year ago.