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Tauren Chef Cookbook!

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User reviews of Tauren Chef Cookbook!

Name: Greg
Score: 100%
Review: The World of Warcraft has an extensive in-game cooking system with recipes and ingredient lists. The Tauren Chef Cookbook takes a number of these recipes and brings them into the real world of your kitchen. In-game food items generally restore health and some will buff various stats. A few, such as Savory Deviate Delight, will even change you in some way, this one turning you into a pirate or ninja.

Savory Deviate Delight is one of the dishes in this cookbook (a yummy Halibut dish,) but you will most likely say, "Yumm! rather than, "Arrr!" once youi've finished it.

Also included are recipes which should be in-game, but aren't, such as the Delicious Cave Mold Cookies in the small photo, above.

Very clear instructions are provided, the recipes are easy to newbie cooks to follow, but interesting enough for more experienced cooks. Photographs of the finished dishes are provided and since these aren't the "glue and epoxy" photos you see in the TV ads it's very likely that YOUR finished dish will look very much like the one in the book.

Personally, I'm rather partial to the Dig Rat Stew and the Beer Basted Boar Ribs, but there's something in this book for most any taste. Highly recommended.