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Tidy Songs

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User reviews of Tidy Songs

Name: not happy
Score: 0%
Review: I didn't believe this program was actually doing anything because it "fixed" a few songs then said iTunes was no longer responding, even with iTunes closed. But I went to check the songs it "fixed" in the playlist, and nothing had changed. No album or artist info. Didn't even leave dead songs behind. This program is crap, and probably did something to my computer I'm not gonna like. Why would I buy this if the trial is complete garbage?

Name: pissedoff
Score: 1%
Review: The shittiest app ever made....DESTROYED my itunes library..

Name: Edfromshanghai
Score: 1%
Review: It even suggest WRONG album art for c's I bought and are perfectly alright... it suggest different album art for different songs of the same album.... It wants to change 2 thrd of my library while perhaps 5% is not complete. They don't respond to e-mail. A total waste of my money I have not often encountered yet... I really don't understand where the positive pro-revieu is coming from! Don't buy!

Name: Sandvan
Score: 1%
Review: Completly screwed up my iTune music. Changed the paths on hundreds of songs that, before I used the program were playing o.k. After running the app, error msgs they could not find the file! I spent hours getting my library the way I wanted it and this app destroyed all my work in minutes.

Name: Jeffrey Jorgensen
Score: 1%
Review: C. R. A. P.

Name: Diego
Score: 1%
Review: Terrible software...keeps crashing after fixing 10 songs. US$29 on the garbage.

Name: T
Score: 1%
Review: Don't use this program. It's a steep price at $39, particularly given the stability issues it has. It wouldn't fix my songs, and after several attempts to get support for the product with NO RESPONSE whatsoever, I have filed a claim with my credit card to be refunded.

Bad software. Steer clear!

Name: Sean
Score: 10%
Review: Hey – so I’ve seen a lot of sites either bagging or defending this product “Tidy Songs”.

I felt the same as a lot of other people who purchased the product and feel ripped off. At this stage there is no way the product is worth $30.00… the potential is there.

I kept getting an error – not responding to itunes. I then did some research and found that what caused this error was missing and lost files (where your playlist points itunes to a file that no longer exist, either because its been deleted or moved).

So I have found a fix, and this is coming from someone who know next to nothing bout computers.

What you need to do – if you have gone and bought this program and been let down…

1. Search the net for a script called “Super remove dead tracks”
It free – and when you run it it will go through your Itunes and clear these missing or “dead” files.

2. Once you have run it, then use TidySongs to remove duplicates. (by moving them to a new folder)

3. Then re run the script “Super remove dead tracks” (I say this because tidy songs leaves missing files in your itunes when using the “remove duplicate” process – I learnt this from experience. Its no big deal – it just makes it hard for you to clean your itunes as quick as you expected…

4. Next – you fix all your songs – this time it should work. if you come up with any errors.. go and do the first three steps one more time. and try again.

And once it has finally fixed all your songs, do the process again one more time for piece of mind.

Tidy songs – your product has potential.

The biggest problem with the program is that the program itself leaves “dead” tracks in your itunes when you remove duplicates, which in turns gives you errors when it comes to “fixing your songs”.

The biggest problem with your management and sale of the product is that you didn’t bother to tell anyone this when you sold it to us. (or respond to any email sent to you)

Its embarrassing for you and your product that I am writing this solution on a blog on this random site when this solution should already be available to anyone who bought your product.

I suggest you contact who ever it was who wrote the “Super remove dead tracks” script and thank them. (By the way there are a few apps i have found that incorporate the same script… just do some research).

I EXPECT! to see this on tidy song’s webpage in the near future, as a temporary fix before a new flash bang update fixing this is brought out (free for all the user who jumped on the band wagon to early.

Hope this helps anyone who made the same mistake I did.


Name: Gavin
Score: 10%
Review: Just downloaded it to try it out, keep getting errors and problems. Thanks god I didn't buy it

Name: Angus Magee
Score: 1%
Review: This program does not deliver on its promise to remove duplicates, and tech support just ignores you