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Transpacific Marriage Agency

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User reviews of Transpacific Marriage Agency

Name: Ron Milco
Score: 10%
Review: TMA is not up to date, some of the ladies profiles are over 10 years old. They leave them on there, to make it look
like they have 100s of Japanese ladies just waiting to here from some guy , don't give them any money until they put you in contact with aleast 10 ladies.All they want is your money, be careful.

Name: ron milco
Score: 100%
Review: Transpacific Marriage Agency, may not be 100% legitimate,
as many of there female profiles have been on there lists for over 5 years, any may just be there to make you think that there are many available Japanese women when in reality there may not be???

Name: hi
Score: 100%
Review: hi