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Forex Autopilot

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User reviews of Forex Autopilot

Name: jm C.
Score: 1%
Review: i look a cool so i try it! $79 what i pay. so i set it up open a demo acct. did everything in the manual and video they have to help you, but then the problem happen i didn't get an key to the software keep giving me an ID 0. in the video the guy say to call your broker for the software that don't need the key so i ask my broker they said it not there problem i have to get the key from the seller and they also give me a link to some robot software thing were it fix my problem with auto trader. I was like ok! so i check it out i have to pay more money for it i was like no way! so i call the sell for 3 day left my name and number i even email them too nothing no response, i don't ever know if the number was right it keep saying some systec. Next day i email clickbank for a refund got it in 2 day. if u every try it be careful....